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Biz Biopic Polaroid
Diary Illustration

My name is Elizabeth, but almost all call me Biz. I live in NYC, am in my early 30s, and have been working in the service industry since I was 17. I am a believer in all things mystical and magical, love to create in the form of writing, painting, and baking, and above all, I am a single mother to my high-spirited little boy, Sebastian.


In August of 2020, I was a new mother who was breaking down from postpartum depression while simultaneously trying to manage living in the epicenter of the pandemic. In an attempt to create an outlet to work through my pain and hopefully reach other mothers struggling with similar issues, I started a mom blog called "Mama Biz". The intent of the blog was to touch on the not so pretty side of motherhood, to be as candid as possible, and to validate other mothers by sharing my truths, while occasionally throwing in a baking recipe. This was short-lived as I struggled with finding things to write about as I had limited myself to only writing about mom things, when of course I am so much more than just a mom. But, as all moms know, that identity crisis that hits when enterinig motherhood will leave you, how else can I put this, confused AF on who you are and where your place in this world is, so I am giving myself grace for "failing" at my first attempt at sharing my voice and unfiltered thoughts with the world.

- Biz

So here I am, trying again. Although this time I will be using my voice and creating in the form of a podcast, and I will speak about anything and everything that matters to me. I will share past stories, lessons learned, and experiences as they come, completely unfiltered. I have the mouth of a sailor and a questionable sense of humor, so if you're not down with all that, this might not be the place for you. But if you are, hey there! Happy to have you.


I am completely and utterly grateful for my time in the human form and all of the chaos that has come with it, to which I can describe no other than,

A Beautiful Shitshow.




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